• Developing our tutorials

    We have been online for almost half a year and we would like to tell you a bit about our work and how we develop our instructions on pattern cutting. We have already shown you some pictures of our process on our Facebook page, but now we would like to explain more closely how our tutorials are made.  We have focused on making tutorials on the most basic techniques in pattern cutting. With the tutorials available on our site today, you can make a large number of the most common silhouettes and cuts for garments.  Prospectively we will make instructions on several different techniques withi... View Post

  • Pattern of the week: The jumpsuit

    In this week we have chosen to look into the jumpsuit as it is the type of garment that both has an exciting history and has endless possibilities in its appearance. The jumpsuit as we know it today has been with us for at least the last one-hundred years. It has changed its appearance in relation to the decade its from and what it has been used for. It has been used by the Air Force, parachutists and skydivers, but it has also found its way into the women's wardrobe. Especially designers like Coco Chanel, Elisa Schiaparelli and Emilio Pucci had a great influence on how the jumpsuit has ap... View Post

  • Pattern of the week: The oversize coat

    The oversized look has been here over the past many decades. Of course, over time it has been various parts of the clothing that have been oversized from accessories to outerwear. In this week, we have chosen to review the oversized coat and will show you how to combine different instructions on pattern cutting, so you will end up having a pattern on your own oversized coat. The oversized coat is just one of several variations of the basic coat block. We think the coat block itself is very excited to work with. It has so many variations and it is one of the types of garments where you can ... View Post

  • Pattern of the week: The A-line dress

    The A-line silhouette is currently a silhouette which is seen more and more, both as dresses but also as shirts and skirts. It is a silhouette that is easy to work with since the bustdart and the waistdart are both removed from the pattern. Depending on what material and length you choose for your dress, the A-line dress can have different looks. For example as a girly dress, a casual dress or an elegant evening dress. Before you start designing your pattern, it may be a good idea finding some inspiration. In this post we will look at different A-line dresses and want to show you how to co... View Post

  • How to make a simple sleeve for your dress block

    Do you want to learn how to create sewing patterns? In this post we review in quarter size how to make a simple sleeve for your dress block. You can find the instruction on our basic dress block here and the instruction on our short kimono sleeve 1 here.   The basic dress block and the short kimono sleeve 1 If you can follow our instruction and make this sleeve, you will be able to follow all our instructions. When you get used to our instructions, you will also be able to customise them according to your own ideas and be able to make your own pattern designs. Before you make this dre... View Post