Do you want to learn how to create sewing patterns? In this post we review in quarter size how to make a simple sleeve for your dress block. You can find the instruction on our basic dress block here and the instruction on our short kimono sleeve 1 here.
If you can follow our instruction and make this sleeve, you will be able to follow all our instructions. When you get used to our instructions, you will also be able to customise them according to your own ideas and be able to make your own pattern designs.
Before you make this dress sleeve in the size you want, it may be good for you to make it into a quarter size at first. Then you can get used to the instruction before you make the dress sleeve into a full size pattern. All our instructions on pattern cutting are based on a standard size 38 and all the quarter size illustrations are made according to the size 38. If you are in doubt about something, you can compare your pattern with the illustration.

Before you are ready to make the dress sleeve into a quarter size, find the tools you can see in the picture. A scissor, a glue stick, an eraser, a pencil, a protractor, a quarter-scale ruler and the patterns pieces from the basic dress block. You can either print a sample of the pattern pieces from your compendium on the basic dress block and and cut out the from and back or you can just copy the pattern pieces if you have made the dress block in the quarter size. In this review, we focus on the sleeve, so you only need the top/bodice of the dress block.

If you do not have a quarter-scale ruler, we have a printable version here that you can print and cut. Find instructions for printing here.

Once you have found all your tools, download the instruction on our short kimono sleeve 1. If you do not already have it, you can find it here. It will be available at your account as soon as you have checked out.
On the first page there is a text instruction as well as an illustration of the construction of the sleeve. On the the second page, there is a pattern overview, so you can see how your pattern pieces should end up like. All our instructions are put together in that way. 

As shown in the picture below, you can start cutting the lower part of the front and back of the dress from the waist. Then cut the darts on the front along the dotted line and close the bust dart at the shoulder. You will now see that the waist dart has opened.
We do this with many of our instructions to make the construction easier. If you want, you can move the darts afterwards as you like.

Glue the front and back of the dress on a piece of paper with some distance between the front and back. You are now ready to begin the construction of the kimono sleeve. Look closely into the illustration below the text as you read the instructions on page 1 carefully.

The first step is to draw the guides lines and mark the points shown in the instruction. You need these lines and points to get the right length and angle of the sleeve.

Once you have drawn the guides lines and marked the points shown in the instruction you can draw the actual sleeve. Look closely at the illustration and make your lines look like those.

You have now made a dress sleeve in quarter size and you are ready to make the dress with the short kimono sleeve into a full size pattern. You can use the instruction on the short kimono sleeve in connection with the dress block in a standart size or in a custom size.

In the video below, we use our instruction to make a full size pattern on the kimono sleeve so you can see how it works. 

Let us know what you think!

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