About us

CUT UP STUDIO provides cutting-compendiums as digital downloads, so you always have your instructions at hand. With a studio located in central Copenhagen as well as an online store, CUT UP STUDIO is directed by the tailors and co-founders Helle Bang Larsen and Christina Jeppesen. They are both specialised in pattern cutting and since the company was established in 2016 they have dedicated all of their time to develop a number of cutting-compendiums, now available on this website. They will continuously update the site with new and inspiring ideas and products that you can buy and seek inspiration from.

The idea behind CUT UP STUDIO came about through their daily work as tailors where they lacked the ability to search knowledge about pattern cutting on the internet. It was almost impossible if they had to quickly find answers to simple questions, or find instructions on some single elements of the pattern cutting without having to buy an entire book. By establishing an online platform, where pattern cutting is easily accessible to everyone, and where you can easily select and keep the individual instructions you need, they came up with a solution to that particular issue. Availability and the ability to search for qualified knowledge within pattern cutting has been their main focus throughout the process of developing and publishing online compendiums on pattern cutting. Whether you are a designer, pattern cutter, tailor, or have sewing and pattern cutting as a hobby, you will be able to use their instructions.

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