About our products


The first step in the realisation of a design for a garment starts with the basic block. It's your platform and from there a pattern design can begin to take form through your work with pattern cutting. We ourselves have always had a passion for pattern cutting and we love to experiment with pattern design since that is where we can work with shapes and cuts and where we can develop new features and solutions for different garments.

If you want to try out one of our basic blocks or an instruction on pattern cutting, you can find some of them free of charge here.


With CUT UP STUDIO we have developed a coherent system for pattern cutting. Without compromising on quality, we have standardised some of the procedures and methods in the instructions, making it easier for you to achieve good results. All procedures are explained down to the last detail with both text instructions and quarter-scale illustrations, showing and explaining all the steps in the instructions. The instructions are composed so that whether you are new to the profession, or has experience in pattern cutting, you could use them. Notice that we use the metric system for all our instructions. In our material, we review the basic techniques of pattern cutting and our material is divided into three categories; Basic blocks, Variation of basic blocks and Pattern cutting.


All the instructions on basic block are divided into two parts. An illustration of the completed instruction and a more in-depth review of the instruction itself step by step. All illustrations have a supplementary text instruction, which you can read as needed.

In our material, we have emphasised that we would maintain and reintroduce the classic cutting-systems, which are based on a thorough measuring, since this in our experience yields the best results.


All instructions on variations of basic blocks and pattern cutting are developed from our own basic blocks. The instructions are explained through an illustration and for each illustration there is a supplementary text instruction, which you can read as needed.

You can use the instructions individually, or combine instructions on variations and pattern cutting as you like. You can also develop and customise them for your own ideas to get your very own design.

The way we have developed our instructions on both basic blocks, variations and pattern cutting is to make it easier for you to do pattern design for garments. The first few times you use it, you may want to make use of the text explanation in addition to the illustrations, but after a few times you will find that you can use the illustration without the text explanation.

If you are a beginner, you can benefit from practicing how to make a basic block or an instruction on pattern cutting into a 1/4 size model. A printed version of a 1/4-scale ruler can be found here