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Collars - basic instructions


This is instructions on how to make tree different basic collars from your basic shirt block: the basic one-piece collar, the basic two-piece collar and the basic mandarin collar. It’s a complete instruction with a quarter–scale illustration to each collar that shows all the stages of the construction. 

The instruction is developed from our basic shirt block, but with a few adjustments you can also use it for your other basic blocks. You can download the compendium as a PDF-file for free in english or in danish.

This compendium includes:  
• Instruction on the basic one-piece collar
• Instruction on the basic two-piece collar
• Instruction on the basic mandarin collar
• Pattern overview

To create these collars you will need the following instructions:
• The basic shirt block or another pattern with a neckline

• This basic collar instruction


We use the metric system for all our instructions.
Language: Choose between downloading the PDF-compendium in English or in Danish.  
Published: 07.07.2017
Edition: 1
Binding: PDF



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