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Dropped shoulder sleeve


This is an instruction on how to make a dropped shoulder sleeve from your basic dress block and basic dress sleeve. It’s a complete instruction with a quarter–scale illustration that shows all the stages of the construction.

The instruction is developed from our basic dress block and basic dress sleeve and we recommend you to use these instructions to achieve the best result. Though, with a few adjustments you can also use the principles from this type of sleeve for your other basic blocks and basic sleeves. You can download the compendium as a PDF-file for free in english or in danish.

This compendium includes:  

• Instruction on the dropped shoulder sleeve

• Pattern overview  

To create this sleeve you will need the following instructions:

• The basic dress block

• The basic dress sleeve

• This dropped shoulder sleeve


We use the metric system for all our instructions.
Language: Choose between downloading the PDF-compendium in English or in Danish.  
Published: 07.07.2017
Edition: 1
Binding: PDF